Creativity in a totalitarian society – a talk by Senja Andrejevic-Bullock at the Hidden Narratives conference

Organiser Duncan Dicks recently met up with one of our presenters to find out more about her conference talk planned for 11th July.

Senja photo

Who are you?

I’m Senja Andrejevic-Bullock, writer and playwright, Lecturer in Dramatic Writing.

What are you going to be talking about?

I’ll be talking about what effect the regime of a totalitarian society might have on the citizen’s creativity.

What other talks at the conference are you looking forward to (and why)?

Very much looking forward to Martin Randall’s ‘Anarchy’ (because it’s such an interesting topic and I love it’s relationship to the whole idea of a hidden narrative). But also, virtually, all of the rest. All the talks sound fascinating and it’s going to be a mega-interesting day.

What single thing would you like the audience to take away with them from your talk?

Former Yugoslavia was a very unique country, in both its best and worst aspects. I don’t think there’ll ever again be a place quite like it. It’s greatest strength, however, were its citizens, who always had the most remarkable spirit of resistance not just against a foreign occupier (Germany) but also against its own internal repressive forces.


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