#ResistResilience – a talk by Dave Webster and Nikki Rivers at the Hidden Narratives conference

sk2Duncan Dicks met up with two of our presenters for the Hidden Narratives conference on 11th July, to find out how they are planning to challenge the current enthusiasm for “resilience” in education and life.



Who are you?

Dave Webster – I teach Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, as well as working for the Academic Development Unit, where I am interested in the interplay between what and how we teach.

 Nikki Rivers – I teach English Literature. My main areas of interest are contemporary literature, popular culture and feminist theory.

What are you going to be talking about?

We hope to introduce a note of much-needed scepticism into conversations around ‘resilience’, and ‘grit,’ particularly with regard to the assumption that these are characteristics we should be instilling in our students and ourselves. Instead we want to look more broadly at external factors that might contribute to the need for resilience.

What other talks at the conference are you looking forward to (and why)?

Martin’s Anarchy is guaranteed to be good value…

What single thing would you like the audience to take away with them from your talk?

#ResistResilience – don’t be seduced by neoliberal assertions that you need ‘grit’, and that your struggles are your fault, when what is needed is systemic change.


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